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Lindsey Liu

What’s good, sister?

I’m Lindsey.

I’m an author and life coach who has dedicated her life to helping millennial women let go of their “good enough” lives in exchange for the elevated lives they desire. You’re capable of creating a life that blows your own mind — all it takes is knowing how to get there.


Lindsey wants you to be the best version of you -- not society’s standards, not her standards, but your own personal high standards. She believes in you before she meets you.

MELISSA M. | Los Angeles


MELISSA M. | Los Angeles

Lindsey is a bright shining star: full of warmth, wisdom, beauty, humor and graceShe refuses nonsense - in the most compassionate way - and opens up a world of new possibilities.

KATHY P. | San Francisco


KATHY P. | San Francisco

Lindsey is honest, patient, kind, motivating, compassionate and above all - she keeps it real. She is my biggest cheerleader but doesn’t hesitate to push me to think outside the box.

SAMMY B. | San Francisco


SAMMY B. | San Francisco

Soul Confidence is the private community for millennial women who are determined to elevate themselves without guilt.

Through video lessons, written exercises, and community calls the women in Soul Confidence are learning how to let go, elevate faster, and with way less mental-drama. 


Soul Confidence
Divorced Single and Ready To Mingle

Divorced, Single, and Scared to Mingle

If you’re divorced and scared to start dating again there is no book that will speak to your soul quite like Divorced, Single, and Scared to Mingle. Lindsey’s realness on the intricacies of dating after divorce will have you laughing while giving you the guidance and loving kick in the ass you need to start dating again.