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Lindsey Liu


I’m an author, lover, warrior, and boss lady in charge of Soul Confidence.

I’ve manifested my dream life without compromising on the things that matter most to me. I know it’s possible to have it all — all it takes is knowing how to get there.


You can hear things a million times, but until you’re ready to hear it from a great teacher/mentor, you won’t get to your ”aha” moment.

JONNA C. | San Francisco


JONNA C. | San Francisco

I always enjoyed my sessions with Lindsey — her patience, positivity and encouraging attitude was what I needed.

AMAL M. | Boston


AMAL M. | Boston

Lindsey's practice really embodies the "If you give a man a fish he eats for a night but if you teach him to fish he eats for life" philosophy. I wasn't just a passive participant in her analysis, she taught me how to analyze myself.

LINDSEA W. | Los Angeles


LINDSEA W. | Los Angeles

Soul Confidence is a community for millennial women to get after their best life.

Through video lessons, written exercises, and bi-weekly group calls the women in Soul Confidence are getting the clarity and accountability they need to get after their best life.


Soul Confidence
Divorced Single and Ready To Mingle

Divorced, Single, and Scared to Mingle

If you’re divorced and scared to start dating again there is no book that will speak to your soul quite like Divorced, Single, and Scared to Mingle. Lindsey’s realness on the intricacies of dating after divorce will have you laughing while giving you the guidance and loving kick in the ass you need to start dating again.