You’re allowed to want more

When I talk with my girlfriends about what’s keeping them from becoming the woman they want to be in their life, one of the most common answers I hear is, “I don’t have enough time.

Their job is demanding.
Their partner wants to spend more time with them.
They feel like they’re being a bad friend so say “yes” to dinners they actually don’t want to go to.

It’s clear that when they say, “I don’t have enough time” what they actually mean is, “I don’t have enough time for me.

Whether it be mental or physical, many times my girlfriends are giving everything they have to the world around them while putting themselves on the back-burner.

Giving to others before you give to yourself is complex in that it can be externally rewarding.

Years ago, I’d hear people say things like, “You’re such a giver,” “You’re a hard-worker,” “You’re an amazing friend,” and it felt really good to hear. It almost gave me validation like, “Oh right, this is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.

So then I’d things like skip multiple workouts to fit in friend dates.
Or stay late at work 4 nights a week instead of cooking myself a nourishing meal at home.
Or watch Netflix with bae instead of reading the book I’d been wanting to read.

Until all of a sudden I woke up years later, like, “Shit! Where did the time go?!

There is nothing wrong with choosing to prioritize your mental and physical wellness first.

You are allowed to prioritize your own mental/physical wellness AND be a kick ass human in all other parts of your life.

You’re not a selfish asshole for wanting to grow or do more with your life.

You’re allowed to want more.

Don’t be afraid to own it.