You don’t need BIG, INTENSE, DEEP commitments all the time

Through the beginning of this year, I was struggling to connect with myself.

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something didn’t feel quite right.

It was frustrating as hell.

How is it that I, the woman who helps connect women to themselves, could feel so disconnected?
Was there something wrong with me?
Was I completely full of shit?

Turns out I was feeling disconnected because I was prioritizing other people and projects above myself.


Going deeper down the rabbit hole led me to awareness around some beliefs I had surrounding exercise, reading, writing, and myself — namely that I am only allowed to do those things if everything else is “handled.”

What does that even mean?
Why am I choosing to believe that I have to hold off on doing the things that fuel my mind, body and soul until everything else is handled?

In lieu of this awareness, I started doing this thing recently that has helped me get re-centered in my mind, body and soul on the daily.

Each morning I wake up and ask myself:

What is ONE thing I can do for my body today?
What is ONE thing I can do for my mind today?
What is ONE thing I can do for my soul today?

Not a bajillion things.
Not all the things.

ONE thing.

The one thing for my mind doesn’t have to be deep meditation — it can be a quick puzzle or 5-minute thought-download in the morning.
The one thing for my body doesn’t have to be a crazy, intense workout — it can be walking to the mailbox instead of driving.
The one thing for my soul doesn’t have to be international travel — it can be writing a note to one of my friends or cooking myself dinner.

Sometimes I get into a space where I forget that prioritizing myself on a daily basis doesn’t necessarily mean BIG, INTENSE, DEEP commitments.

Prioritizing myself can mean doing one small, quick, thing most days and big, intense, deep things on others.

I’m curious if you ever feel the same. If so, try giving yourself 2-minutes and answering the questions below:

What’s ONE way I can give to my mind today?
What’s ONE way I can give to my body today?
What’s ONE way I can give to my soul today?