The World Needs You

Yes, I said it.

The world needs YOU.

Not some pacified, half-ass version of you.

The full you.

The you that prioritizes your own self-care and fulfillment.

The you that knows you’re showing up as the best version of yourself.

The you that makes the difference you’re meant to make.

When you look around and compare yourself to the world around you, you will never feel whole.
Some part of you will always feel: Too loud. Too quiet. Too thick. Too thin. Too sexy. Too prude. Too smart. Too dumb. Too preppy. Too hood.

Too U N I Q U E.

If you feel like there is more to life than the way you’re living, trust yourself.
If your soul feels drained from showing up in your life the way you think you should instead of the way you want, listen to yourself.
If you’re sitting there wondering Is this it?, change yourself.

The world does not need cookie-cutter versions of the same human.

The world needs *you*.