Success Stories

Melissa Vuitton McFarland

Melissa Vuitton McFarland

“Lindsey meets you where you are at. She does not expect anything out of you, except YOU.

She honestly and whole heartedly wants to see her community of women live their best life. She wants to see you thrive in your skin, in your life. Lindsey wants you to be the best version of you, not society’s standards, not her standards, but by your own personal high standards. Lindsey cares about YOU. The real you. There is no judgment or pressure. She is patient and makes herself available 24/7.

Lindsey has a talent where she can coach many women at one time, but somehow she makes you feel like you are the only one she is coaching. She is intentional about her word choice and very generous with her time. I love working with Lindsey because no matter how embarrassed you are, or ashamed you are, or afraid you are Lindsey makes you feel like you are a Queen. She reminds you that you are on a good path, your path, and it is a pretty damn good path because it’s yours. She helps you learn how to stay on your path and how to not get discouraged when your path doesn’t look the way you wanted it to. Lindsey talks with you and not at you, which makes all the difference in coaching.

For Lindsey there is no ulterior motive. Lindsey genuinely wants to see you succeed and she walks with you through every step. Lindsey is realistic, honest, loving, and patient. She does not leave you, judge you, or make you feel ashamed. As wise as she is and as professional as she is, Lindsey never makes you feel inadequate or that you are not capable. Lindsey believes in you before she even meets you. Her words match her actions, her actions match her heart. Working with Lindsey is life changing.”

Kathy Pfeiffer (Beauty Valued)

Kathy Pfeiffer

“Lindsey is a bright shining star: full of warmth, wisdom, beauty, humor and grace.

I feel uplifted simply being in her (virtual) presence. I see her as a teacher, a counsellor, and a coach. She refuses nonsense – in the most compassionate way – and opens up a world of new possibilities. I eagerly await next lessons and exercises as they are fun and eye opening. Habitual ways I used to think are gone, replaced by kinder, more truthful AND more effective beliefs. If you need Magic in your life, Lindsey’s got it. She’ll introduce you to the NEW you.”

Sammy Brenner

Sammy Brenner

“Lindsey is BEYOND!!! Seriously – such an incredible coach and I feel really lucky to be working with her.

She is honest, she is patient, she is kind, she is motivating, she is compassionate and above all – she keeps in real. Lindsey is my biggest cheerleader, but she doesn’t hesitate to push me to think outside the box and get uncomfortable – that’s how you grow!

Through the different Soul Confidence activities each month, she’s helped me achieve my goals by realizing my true potential. Whether it’s blasting my own brilliance, or ditching limiting beliefs – she has given me the invaluable gift of realizing – I AM WORTH IT!

I’d recommend Lindsey to anyone – seriously – ANYONE! She has this unique ability to open people up in the most genuine beautiful way. It goes far beyond giving advice, she’s a true ride or die when it comes to the women she coaches.”

Ann Hodge (SALT)

Ann Hodge

“Lindsey is supportive, down to earth, and gets real without any judgment.

She gives me the encouragement I need to put in the work to become the person I want to become. She doesn’t promise any overnight cures and helps you realize that this is an exciting journey of growth and that we’re all in it together. Most importantly, she continually makes me excited to grow. I know I can talk to her about any challenges I’m having and she’ll ask me the right questions and offer encouragement to help me overcome them. She’s truly your partner in growth. If you’re serious about making a change in your life, Lindsey will help you get there.”

Vlada Podlubnaya (Graphic Designer)

Vlada Podlubnaya

“Lindsey asks me complicated, deep questions, that help me discover myself and look at my life from another perspective.

Once I had a really bad day and was down on myself because I wasn’t taking action in my life and Lindsey created a video that addressed my insecurities to help me stay on track. Lindsey knows what we’re all going through and provides us with the right content at the right time. I like her energy and how honest she is.

Lindsey is amazing at encouraging people. She is open-minded and will give you the tools necessary to resolve your problems instead of providing a solution. Lindsey recognizes there is no one “right” answer — she realizes that every person is different. She supports you without judging, and I definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to change their life.”

Hillary Ungson (Hillary Ungson Photography)

Hillary Ungson

“Lindsey is as real as it gets —

She gets down to the meaning of your inner dialogue quickly and opens the door with support and questions to dig into those thoughts and help you find a deeper meaning. She uses coaching models that are visual, eye opening, and offers her support every step of the way. I highly recommend working with Lindsey if you’re feeling stuck and want to get a deeper understanding of your past, present, and future self.”

Brianne Heredia (BB Collective)

Brianne Heredia

“I don’t think I’ve met a more positive person than Lindsey.

Ever since I met her she’s always had the warm, friendly personality that doesn’t make you feel judged. She tackles the thoughts in your head and brings them to fruition which really makes one have to self reflect and get personal. But with her as a coach, that’s something that comes easier than you’d think.”