Stop Being Selfless

Yes, you read that right — stop being selfless.

Did you read that article on The New Midlife Crisis that was published last week? If not, do yourself a favor and read it by clicking here.

In it, the author included the following image:

Y’all. That U-Bend is *crazy* and totally avoidable.

Mid-life crises don’t pop up overnight. They are the result of years of choosing others above ourselves. They are the result of bad habits formed in our late teens that continue into our twenties, thirties and forties. They are the result of prioritizing friends, lovers, work, kids, etc. above ourselves.

AKA Being selfless.

I’m not saying never give to other people, but you have got to start being concerned more with the needs and wishes of yourself in order to avoid waking up in your 50’s dazed, confused, and miserable.

You have got to start choosing yourself first.
You have got to start being selfish (when tf did being selfish become a bad thing?).
You deserve to go through life without having to endure a midlife crisis.

You are choosing to put work before yourself when you stay late at work and don’t go to the workout class you wanted to go to.
You are choosing to put friends before yourself when you drink at their birthday party even though you wanted to cut alcohol for a month.
You are choosing to put your partner before yourself when you binge watch Netflix every night instead of reading the book you’ve been trying to read for two months.


Which leads me to presenting you with an opportunity to be about choosing yourself first.

Soul Confidence is an online course + community teaching smart, driven millennial women how to be selfish.

Over the course of a year you will learn how to reclaim your time, prioritize yourself, and show up in the world as the woman you truly want to be.

Soul Confidence is not a walk in the park.

It’s for women who are committed to not being another mid-life crisis statistic.
It’s for women who are down to do the work and look in the mirror to determine what’s really keeping them from feeling fulfilled in life.
It’s for women who can recognize they’re giving to just about everyone/everything but themselves and they need help digging their heels in to stop.

If you’re the giver of all givers but you’re struggling with giving to yourself, join Soul Confidence right now.

Not “when work dies down.
Not “when I have more time.
Not “when I don’t have so many weddings to go to.

You deserve to be put first.

Don’t ever forget it.