Stop avoiding hard conversations

For real though, we have to stop avoiding hard conversations.

Being scared of confrontation isn’t serving us.

Earlier this week, I initiated a conversation that I had been avoiding for six months.

I was straight up scared…
…of having the conversation.
…of what it would mean for me and this person’s relationship.
…of what mutual friends might hear and then think me if shit went sour.

So, I avoided the conversation entirely for six months — using a mixture of fear, pride, and he-said/she-said stories to back up why I was justified in avoiding the conversation.

But here’s the thing I forgot:

When we choose to avoid hard conversations, we’re the ones who lose.

We close down opportunities to get the facts.
We create space for our brains to make-up wild narratives we then begin to believe as truth.
We shut down the chance to give ourselves the gift of resolution.

My dear friend, when we choose to avoid hard conversations out of fear, pride or false information, we keep ourselves from peace.

Don’t pin your emotional wellness on someone else.
Don’t convince yourself it’s their responsibility to initiate a conversation.

Take complete control of all of your life.
Even the shittier parts — like the hard conversations.

To curious confrontation,