Some Exciting News!!

I’m excited to share something with you today.

But before I do, I’d first like to say Thank You.

Maybe you didn’t realize, but you have been my inspiration for creating all things Dating After Divorce.
Over the past year, my weekly emails, Instagram posts, Facebook lives, and blogs have all been created with you in mind and it has been a life-changing experience coaching, talking, and connecting with you.

After some reflection over Thanksgiving, I came to the realization that Dating After Divorce is a subset of what I’m passionate about and starting today I’m expanding my reach.

I passionately believe in your right to live whatever feels true to you. 
You are a queen — the only one of your kind. There is no person on earth that possesses your special blend of greatness and that makes you uniquely qualified to show up and take up space.

I’m not here to tell you the right or wrong way to live, because truth is I don’t know what’s best for you.

You do. 

We all experience pressures to live life according to someone else’s truth.

Sometimes, we make decisions based on how we think others will regard us as opposed to how we regard ourselves, and we end up sacrificing ourselves in the long run.
In a culture obsessed with “perfect”, we’ve lost sight that perfect is subjective, and we are all entitled to our own definitions. 

You were born to live authentically.

You were not put on this earth to be the next Kim Kardashian.
You were not created to sit at your desk, slaving the hours of your life away on something that doesn’t fill your soul.
You were not made to live out loud only long enough to become someone’s wife or mother.
You are on this earth to share how you are perfect in your own magnificent way.

My passion is around teaching you how to feel confident living in a way that feels genuine to you. 

It’s around helping you drop how you think you should be living in exchange for how you want to be living.
It’s around acknowledging those voices in the back of your head that whisper, “You’re meant for more.”
It’s around leading you to find the courage to live true to you.

Soul Confidence.
That’s what I’m passionate about. And starting today, that’s what these blogs are going to be about.

If that’s not your vibe, no worries — there’s still all the content available from the past year made specifically for Dating After Divorce.
If you just got a little teary-eyed because you know you’ve been holding out on your something special, get ready. We’re about to share your soul all the way out loud.