Saying “No” doesn’t make you a Negative Nancy.

Saying yes to everything in your life will keep you from focusing on becoming the person you want to be.

As Oprah says, “‘No’ is a complete sentence.”

I used to get all in my head about saying no.

I don’t want to reject this person.

I’m going to miss out on an amazing opportunity.

This person is going to be mad at me if I don’t say yes.

I’d commit myself to events I didn’t want to go to.
I’d sign up to complete projects that didn’t help me in the ways I wanted to grow.
I’d sign away hours of my life to keep other people happy.

My inability to say no held me back from showing up in the world as the woman I wanted to be.

When I said “no” for the first time to a friend simply because I had no desire in the event they were going to I thought I was going to die.

There’s no way we’re going to be friends after this. I’m a terrible person.

That is until my friend met me with a simple, “Sounds good.”

…Uh…excuse me, what? You’re not going to kick me out of your life?

Mind. Blown.

There was a belief that existed deep down that associated “no” with being a Negative Nancy.

Not anymore.

“No” is in my daily rotation now.
“No” allows me to maintain focus on the things that fuel my soul.
“No” empowers me to protect my heart and stay authentic to myself.

How about you, my love?

Do you use “No” to help you determine where you spend your precious energy?
Do you use “No” without feeling guilty?
Do you have a deep down belief that saying “No” will make you seem negative?

This week, I challenge you to say “No” to one thing every day.

See how it makes you feel.
Pay attention to whether the fears that have kept you from saying no actually manifest, or if they were simply trying to feed you the worst case scenario.