The depths of my roots, that is where I wish to be.
Breathing in the nutrients of the earth surrounding me.

I wish to become one with the earth.
To feel the wind within my branches.
To be cleansed by the rain.
To soak in the sun.
To provide shelter to those in need.

I wish to not look outward but inward for direction.
To get caught in the small moments.
To experience more and ponder less.
To trust the universe to provide me with exactly what nourishment I need.

I wish to become one with the current of life.
To release the mighty grip of what I think the future must be.
To feel the waves flow through me.
High and low tide alike.

I wish to be satisfied.
To know what it is to sit in a moment and be satiated.
To stop rushing and learn to be still.

I wish to live in the shadow of Love.
Following her.
Studying her.
Being an apprentice to her.
Being faithful to her.

I wish to be Rooted.

Rooted in life.
Rooted in love.
Rooted in me.