Open Hearts, Sacred Spaces, Cleansed Souls

Though I’ve never landed on an organized religion that has felt like home to me, I have always been spiritual.

Having the honor of bathing in the sacred holy waters of Pura Tirta Empul in Bali felt simultaneously familiar and profound.

There was something humbling about making offerings.

Standing before each natural spring fountain, asking permission for the things I really want to enter my life was humbling — emotional even.

I was privileged to share this experience with the person I love most.

I asked for permission to continue loving and being loved without condition.
I asked for permission to take care of the people I care for most in my life.
I asked for permission to be happy and experience a full life.
I asked for permission to fill my life with those that lift me and light me up.

After the last fountain, I rose up out of the water feeling cleansed.

Here’s to being guests in other people’s homes.

To learning.
And loving.
And succumbing.

To open-hearts.
Sacred spaces.
And cleansed souls.