There Is No Right Path

There is no universal right path.

No right path for dating.
No right path for loving.
No right path for living.

The right path for you is whatever you want it to be.

You’re in charge.
You get to decide.

You can choose to follow someone else’s path, but why not listen to yourself?

Nobody knows you better than you do.

You are the keeper of your life’s compass.

It beats and thumps in the center of your chest.

Do you trust it?

For you, and only you, know the way to your promised land.

What is your heart telling you?

What does it want?
Where does it want you to go?
What path is it leading you down?

Because that path, that is your right path.

Your right path for dating.
Your right path for loving.
Your right path for living.

Your right path for you.


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