No Fake Friends

People like Jim Rohn and Tim Ferris have said things like, “You are the average of your five closest friendships.”

If this is true — what do you average out to?

This month in Soul Confidence we’re talking about Choosing Flourishing Friendships.

The women in Soul Confidence are doing the work to bring awareness to the friendships they love, the friendships they desire, and the friendships that no longer fit their vibe.

Watch the video below to hear more. (Password:bffs)

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to friendship.

You get to define what it means to be a friend. You get to determine who qualifies as a friend in your life and who does not.

Choosing to bring awareness to the friendships in your life empowers you to allocate your time to the people who truly lift you up.

Your time and energy is precious — be sure to treat it as such.