Musings from 28

It’s my 29th birthday today.
Every year my tradition is to watch the sunset the night before my birthday and think about the lessons I’ve learned.

(Last night’s sunset — she’s beautiful, right?)

Here are the lessons 28 brought me:
– Love feels the best to give — give it freely.
– I am capable of being an amazing wife.
– My parents aren’t just amazing parents — they’re amazing people.
– No one is really concerned with judging me the way I sometimes think.
– Babies make everything better.
– Opening a business is hard.
– Running a business is hard.
– Having a business where you love what you do is freedom.
– People are waiting to love me and accept me for who I am.
– I am capable of more than I can ever imagine.
– Focusing on money instead of value doesn’t serve me.
– Money is just a number — it does not determine mine, or anyone else’s value.
– Quality is more important than quantity in everything (friends, clothes, all things social media).
– Choosing to invest money in myself and my growth will come back ten-fold.
– Focusing on what I don’t have instead of what I do leads to feeling incapable/unworthy/crazed at “what’s next.”
– The secret to feeling peace is to stop for a minute, breathe, and decide to soak in the present moment.
– No one feels the negative emotions I feel except for me.
– Forgiveness is not something I give to other people — it’s something I give to myself.
– I am worthy of the love I receive.
– Relationships are allowed to be whatever I and the other person want them to be.
– There is no “right way” to live life.
– Mornings are better spent writing than scrolling.
– The deepest work lies in allowing people to love all of me — even the parts of myself I’m not yet proud of.
– Spending quality time with myself is the antidote to self-doubt, fear, and anxiety.
– I don’t have to look to everyone else for answers of how to live my life, run my business, be a good partner, be a happy person, etc.
– Trusting myself to make the right decision *for me* is invaluable.
– It’s best to lovingly laugh at myself and take a step back to realign when I get into the space of thinking I can control the people and world around me.
– The relationship I’m in with myself is the most precious relationship to tend to because all else in the world depends on how I’m feeling about myself.

I loved being 28, and I know I’ll love being 29 as well.

Thank you for being a part of my life story. Cheers to 29.