A Love Note: You Are Amazing

You are amazing.

You are the only amazing you on this planet.

Do you acknowledge how amazing you are?

Do you celebrate how kind and loving you are?
Do you honor your determination to become the best version of yourself?
Do you sit in awe of your resilience?

You are worthy of that praise.

I’ve started doing this thing where before I go to bed I express gratitude for 5 ways I was amazing that day.

Yesterday I committed four hours to writing my book, I had a beautiful date night with my husband, I coached three women through letting go of their past, I wrote Thank You notes from our wedding, and I read for an hour before bed (my favorite pre-bedtime ritual).

I’m pretty fucking amazing.

How have you already been amazing today?

Write down 5 ways you’ve already been amazing today.
They can be big, small, medium-sized — whatever floats your boat, just make sure you get five.

How will you make time to acknowledge yourself for being amazing every day for the rest of your life?

Because here’s the thing: When you start recognizing how amazing you really are you open yourself up to bountiful self-love and experiences.

And you, my love, are amazing enough to deserve that.