I love the days when it shines

I’m pregnant with a baby girl. ♥️

It has been three months of growth, love, exhaustion, nausea, celebrations, and the beginning of what’s sure to be an expanded perspective on life — the most fascinating expansion of which has involved pausing to appreciate my roots.

My word of 2019 was Rooted — still is Rooted, I suppose, for all my folks reading this who like to be proper.

I knew coming into this year that my work wasn’t around ambitious projects.
Or insatiable drive.
Or racking up outside awards and achievements.


My work was about learning to be.
To feel complete without external validation.
To become a whole, healed woman who craves the love and attention of herself.

I can’t tell you I knew the purpose of this work when 2019 started.
But I do now.

My friend, we are all capable of becoming whole, healed people.

It doesn’t matter how old you are.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve experienced trauma.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve fucked up major and feel like you’ve lost your chance at your dream life.

You are capable of becoming a whole, healed person.

Give in to forgiveness.
Give in to hope, and excitement, and new possibilities.
Give in to loving yourself with a fiery heart.

Let it shine,