I am a strong, fierce, woman who happens to be human

First, I want to say thank you for all the love last week.

I was all up in my feelings, and many of you reached out in a time when I needed it.

Thank you for loving on me and showing me support. I so appreciate you.

Second, I want to celebrate last week’s post with you because it’s a testament to the power of vulnerability and connection.

I was in the middle of a multiple-week nasty downward spiral — you know, the ones where you convince yourself that you aren’t going anywhere, the world hates you, and you’re a terrible person. I didn’t want to be around anyone because I felt like I didn’t deserve to be in their company — until, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I wrote last week’s email and pressed send — waiting for what felt like impending rejection, judgment, and disgust.

But then, the first email came in…

“Amen sista! Same! Same! Same!”

And the second…

“love you and this wonderful newsletter <3 you are crushing it in realness."

And the third…

“If it’s any comfort, when I got dumped and you sent me your book, the simple fact of knowing that someone like you was around to help totally changed the game for me :)”

No rejection.
No judgment.
No disgust.

Just love.

So why did I assume the worst?

Because I was choosing to believe I wasn’t enough.

This was the bajillionth reminder I needed around not holding out on the people who love me.

And so with this bajillionth reminder, I urge you:

Let the people who love you remind you who the fuck you are.

I am not weak.
I am not lacking.
I am not lost.

I am a strong, fierce, found woman who happens to be human.

My people reminded me of that, but not until I gave them the opportunity to.

Is there anything in your life you’re holding back from sharing with the people who love you?

Have you asked yourself, “Why?”
What do you fear?
What belief is keeping you from sending out your batwoman signal and saying, “World, I am stru.gl.ling — help a sista out“?

My challenge for you today is to let the people who love you remind you who the fuck you are.

That you are strong.
And fierce.
And a found woman who happens to be human