Fail Forward

Lately I’ve noticed myself feeling anxious.

I’m launching a new business.
My book is coming out next Saturday.

The anxiety I feel is all around fear of failure.

Do you ever feel anxiety and fear about failing?

I’ve found that failure is a funny thing.

I’ve gone to great lengths to avoid failure in my life — going so far as to hide who I really want to be from the world and myself.

Forgetting that failure is subjective.
Forgetting that keeping myself from who I’m meant to be is failing ahead of time.

What I’ve come to learn over the years is failure is part of the journey.

It provides me the contrast I need in order to know what it means to succeed.
It reveals my resiliency and determination.
It introduces me to myself.

What would it be like to accept failure as part of your growing process?

What would it be like to embrace failure instead of attempt to avoid it at all costs?
What would it be like to view failure as forward progress?

Try, and fail forward.

Hide, and fail back.