Double-Down on The Real Ones

You know your people.

The ones who lift you up.
The ones who help you grow.
The ones who encourage you to shine.

Those people, they’re the ones the matter.

They’re the ones who love you throughout your evolution.
When you’re around them you are the best version of yourself.
In their company you’re inspired to show up in the world as the person you know yourself to be.

Those people, they’re the real ones.

This past year, I began asserting who I spend my energy on.

My time is no longer spent with haters.
My energy is no longer shared with judgers.
My attention is no longer entertaining the “you can’t do that” or the “maybe you should tone it down a little bit” non-believers.

I’m doubling-down on the real ones.

How about you?

Are you down to keep it real?
Are you aching to purge the people who don’t serve the highest version of yourself?

Do you intend to double-down on the real ones?