Don’t Blame Being Busy

A few months ago I launched the pre-order to my book Divorced, Single and Scared to Mingle and within two hours it hit best-seller status on Amazon.

10 weeks prior to launching, I made the decision to write the book.

It wasn’t necessarily the perfect time for me to set out to write a book.
In fact, during those 10 weeks, I coached full-time, maintained my blog, attended a 3-day business conference in North Carolina, flew to San Diego for a week to take care of my sister, and flew to San Diego again to meet my niece.

I was busy, but busy never kept me from getting what I wanted.

Every Sunday I would sit down and intentionally carve out the hours of the week I was going to spend on writing.

Sometimes, it’d be an hour in between coaching sessions, other times it’d be specific evenings where I didn’t have plans with my husband or with friends.

Regardless of what else was happening in my life, I made hitting deadlines and writing a priority.

This looked like saying “no” to a night out with friends I hadn’t seen in a really long time, and rescheduled date nights with my husband.
It looked like sunny Saturdays spent in bed writing over 10,000 words.
It looked like screening calls and not responding to texts for hours so I could focus on my task at hand.

There will always be a reason for you to put off your dreams.

Work will get crazy and you’ll have to put in extra hours.
Your sister will break her ankle and need you to take care of her.
Your friend will go through a terrible break-up and look to you for unwavering support.

Regardless of what life throws at you, you have to make the decision that you’re committed 110% to making shit happen.

No one was sitting with me in my house when I decided to write the book. I could have easily told myself, “Now isn’t a good time,” or “You’ll get to it in the New Year,” and I would have probably carried on in life just fine.

…except the part where I would have never achieved my dream of becoming a best-selling author.

There will always be a reason for you to put off your dreams.

Don’t let “busy” keep you from the person you really want to be.