Decide to see connection

Last year, I swag surfed with 50,000+ people. We were all different — came from different backgrounds, led different lives. And yet, we all showed up at Levi’s Stadium to get our dose of life at On the Run II.

We were connected by our life experience.

I witnessed complete strangers hyping each other up. I witnessed unified hands raising up in the sky. I witnessed people respecting and cherishing each others’ space.

Choosing to see what connects us to other people of the world is something we have to choose to do intentionally.

We have to decide we’re more connected than different in order to start seeing it in the world.

Compassion, love, understanding, connection, respect — all these emotions are available to us in every interaction we have.

Friend, here’s my challenge to you this week:

Decide to focus on what connects you with the people you currently feel negatively about.

Not because you’re “giving up,””letting them win,” or you’re condoning their behavior.

Choose to focus on what connects you with the people you currently feel negatively about because when you do this *you* get to feel connection.

*You* get to feel compassion.
*You* get to feel love.
*You* get to feel understanding.
*You* get to feel respect.

By choosing to focus on the things that connect you to the people you feel negatively about, *you* get peace.

This week, when you feel negative about someone ask yourself:

How am I connected to this person/place/thing?
Is the way I’m choosing to think about them serving *me*?
How can I choose to think about them so *I* get to feel peace?

To love, compassion, and connection,