Are you scared of dating again?

You’re over your divorce and part of you thinks you might be ready to start dating again – but how? The dating world has completely changed since the last time you were single and while you’re excited at the idea of a fresh start, you’re also secretly terrified to date again. Enter Divorced, Single, and Scared to Mingle—the divorced woman’s guide to dating again. Through her candid stories and life-changing tools, Lindsey Liu will teach you how to start dating again so you can feel confident, real, and compromise-free.

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After reading this book you’ll know how to:

  • Leave your divorce in the past so it doesn’t affect your dating life.
  • Find a person who has all the qualities you want.
  • Identify when your date isn’t right for you.
  • Avoid the small-talk you’ve heard your friends complain about and connect on a real level from the get-go.
  • Be open to a potential relationship without losing your independence.
Divorced Single and Ready To Mingle

If you’re divorced and scared to start dating again there is no book that will speak to your soul quite like Divorced, Single, and Scared to Mingle. Lindsey Liu’s realness on dating after divorce will have you laughing, while simultaneously giving you that loving kick in the ass you need to start dating again.

About Lindsey

Lindsey Liu is a divorcee, Certified Life Coach and the founder of Soul Confidence. Motivated by her own post-divorce dating struggles, Lindsey developed a framework to give divorced women the tools necessary to feel confident about their ability to date again. Lindsey has been featured on multiple divorce podcasts, and has coached hundreds of divorced women through her framework to fun and fulfilling dating lives.

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Lindsey Liu