Are you willing to be wrong?

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the type of woman I want to be as I transition into motherhood. I’ve been taking time to get silent and reflect on how I can uplevel not just for myself, but also for my future daughter.

It’s been…humbling.

Sitting in silence and allowing myself the space to explore the not-so-shiny-and-fun questions has consistently led me back to this question.

Are you willing to be wrong?

I’m going to share my most recent journal on this with you.

Maybe it will help you expand in ways you didn’t know you could, or maybe it will help you feel convicted in how you’re choosing to think about your life. In whatever way, I hope you see yourself because I’ve found exploring the depth of being wrong has led me to a lighter, more evolved way of thinking.

Are you willing to be wrong about it all?
What your past has made you capable of.
Who hurt you.
What has scarred you.
What defines you.

Are you willing to be humbled?
To kneel at the feet of the higher version of yourself, begging to be taught.
To shift from set to shifting.
Evolved to evolving.
Arrived to becoming.

Of course, there is no right answer. No universal truth to turn to or hide behind. It’s a calling to take hold of what is true and beautiful *to me* — a confrontation with how committed I am to the process of learning.

Am I willing to be wrong about my past and familiar thought patterns to welcome in new ways of being?

Am I willing to allow my identity as I know it to be blown up from the inside out — completely shattered — to make way for what is new?

All of the fear I feel. All of the trepidation and resistance to let go of this life stems from a perceived idea of control.
I know this life.
I love this life.
I am this life.

but what if that’s all wrong?

What if transitioning into motherhood doesn’t mean having to lose myself?

I think many times I fall into the learned habit of seeing letting go as becoming lost.
Losing myself.
Losing my way.
Losing my purpose.

but what if I was wrong about myself, my way, and my purpose all along?

What if it’s true that not all who wander are lost?
What if what I find along the way leads me to a grander, more expansive life?
Am I willing to let go of what I know for this chance?

Am I willing to question everything I’ve been taught about myself and the world around me so I can welcome in only what serves me in becoming the mother I’m meant to become?
Am I willing to question what I think people think of me?
How I’m able to evolve?
What I’m able to become?
…what if I let go of it all?

It’s not really a question of if I can do hard things. I know I am capable of transition. I know I am capable of letting go, losing my perceived control, and evolving into a life more grand and fulfilling than I could have ever imagined for myself. The question is: Am I willing to? Am I willing to let go of what was and what I think is supposed to be in exchange for the present that is?

I believe we’re all capable of proving ourselves wrong.
Of creating greater, grander, more true and more beautiful lives than we could have ever imagined before.
All we have to do is be honest.
Sit still.
Be open to seeing the cracks and faults in our foundations that are keeping us from being able to build.
We have to commit to learning.
We have to be willing to be wrong.