Appreciate more. Complain Less.

I’ve noticed within myself that there’s a significant correlation between when I’m paying attention to myself and when I feel the most appreciation for my life.

When I don’t pay attention to myself, I don’t feel appreciative.

I complain about what I don’t have
I get anxious about being behind in life.
I throw myself into projects I think I should be doing instead of want to be doing.

It’s kind of a shitstorm, to be honest.

This year I’ve resolved to pay more attention to me.

To spend time counting the things I’m grateful for.
To find evidence for all the reasons I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.
To do what fuels my soul instead of what the world tells me I need to be doing.

I want to pay attention to myself.
I want to wake up in awe of my own life.
I want to operate from a place of appreciation.

How about you, my love?

When do you feel the most appreciation for your life?
What changes can you make in your life to appreciate more and complain less?