Lindsey Liu


I used to live my life according to how the world told me to.

I married the good guy. I climbed the corporate ladder at one of the most prominent tech companies. I ate well. I worked out consistently. According to my loved ones I was a great partner, friend, daughter, sister, and co-worker.

And yet, I was empty.

It took getting a divorce at 26 to finally shake me awake. Who was I? What did I want? How could it be possible that I had the dream life according to everyone else but felt so unfulfilled?

I wanted to tap into the highest version of myself.

The version of myself who would be brave enough to say what I really wanted, carve the path to get there, and say hell no to settling for anything less.

The version of myself who would be my own best friend, take time to celebrate my successes big or small, and unapologetically shine in the world.

The version of myself who would take ownership for my own life, release the parts of my past that kept me small, and not let fear keep me from becoming the person I knew I was meant to be.

So, I got to work.

I took ownership of my own life.

I went to therapy twice a week, every week. I grieved. I cried. I laughed so hard it felt like my chest was going to explode. I reclaimed my passions. I learned to say “no” to things that no longer served me. I gave myself permission to release my past. I began to celebrate myself.

I finally got to know me.

Today, I wake up and ask myself every morning, “How are you feeling today?” I know what I want, how to get there, and don’t settle for less. I take ownership for my whole life, release the parts of my past that don’t serve me, and run my fears. I’m my own best friend, I celebrate my successes, and I shine without sorry.

Lindsey Liu

Good enough wasn’t good enough for me —
I wanted magnificent.


To help millennial women elevate themselves without feeling guilty for it.

I believe wholeheartedly in our ability to create whatever life we want. I also believe we sometimes keep ourselves from creating the lives we want because we feel like we’re asking for “too much” or “should be grateful” for what we already have. My mission in life is to help millennial women give themselves permission to elevate, regardless of how good they already have it.

Life is not limited.

Your dream life? You can create it. All of it.

You don’t have to keep compromising, waiting until the time is right, or settling for “good enough.” You can be the person you want to be and elevate your life with the right cognitive-based tools. All it takes is commitment and dedication to yourself.

Lindsey Liu Soul Confidence

My dream is you never shy away from evolving.

I want you to prove yourself wrong about what you’re capable and deserving of. I want you to speak truth to what your soul really desires. I want you to love yourself — all of yourself.

My dream is that you wake up every day realizing you *created* your dream life.

Not by chance but on purpose.
Not just some of it but all of it.

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