A confession

I’ve been feeling lost lately.

I’ve been feeling unmotivated.
And frustrated.
And almost as if the wind has been taken out of my sails.

It’s been unsettling to me.

Usually, I’m the woman who’s in your inbox spitting wisdom but I’m finding myself struggling with embracing my own advice.

When I ask myself why I recognize that it’s because I’ve been falling into a space of should.

When I’ve been talking to you and other women I’ve been speaking from the place I think I should be.

I *should* only speak in a singular tone because it needs to match my brand.
I *should* post once a day to Instagram to keep awareness up.
I *should* push and sell and push and sell and push and sell.

But, here’s the issue for me: it feels fake.
Even frustrating at times.

I am a dynamic woman who feels deeply.

I don’t have a singular voice.

Some days, I feel confident.
Other days, I feel insecure.
Other days, I feel like what the actual fuck am I doing with my life

Lately, I’ve felt this need to portray a woman who has it all.

She’s got a thriving business.
Incredible love life.
She’s woke af, rich af, and confident af.

But here’s the thing:

I’ve only been claiming these things because I feel like I should be.

I feel like it will make me look more successful.
More appealing.
More desired.

And that, is why I am here to confess.

I am not woke af.
I am in a constant state of awakening, but really fear I’m getting it “wrong” all the time.

I am not rich af.
I am working towards breaking even for the first year in my business.

I am not confident af.
I am questioning, and freaking out, and conquering just to question and freak out and conquer again.

What I am is a woman who is constantly working towards bringing more awareness to who I am, who I want to be, and how I want to exist.

That is what is real.
And moving forward, that is what I will bring.

Let this serve as my proclamation to you that I am hitting the reset button and I will no longer be playing the game where I pretend to be something I am not.

You deserve realness.
I deserve realness.
We all deserve realness.

Cheers to love, growth, and living with authenticity,